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IBI's rental program consists of high quality student model instruments. All instrument brands chosen to be included in the program are manufactured with superior materials, made to be durable and lasting, and have proven their worth.

All rentals are inspected by IBI's service technicians.  The rental instrument is cleaned, shop-adjusted, and play tested before the instrument is allowed to make its way into a student's hands. We feel a big part of a student's success is based on the quality of a properly functioning instrument. A student can struggle and lose interest with just an "OK" instrument.

Rentals will include a student model instrument, a case, and mouthpiece.

Maintenance and repairs will be covered by our expert service technicians throughout the rental period at no extra cost.  Regular maintenance and care is important for the longevity of the rental instrument.

Please call us at (562) 245-6043 for more information.

There will be no additional fee or "protection Plan" added for normal wear and tear that come with playing an instrument.  These repairs are free!